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Have You Considered This Strategy For New Listings During The Holidays?

I just can’t believe it’s December.  OMG, this year has gone so fast!

For a lot of us, that means many holiday get-togethers, holiday parties, luncheons……just thinking about it makes me crazy.

But I have a strategy for you to make these holiday parties much more enjoyable.

Sure, take time to enjoy your friends and family during the festivities.  For the “work” parties or client parties or “must-do” social obligations you have during the holiday/year-end craziness, have a strategy. 

And I am talking about the gatherings that you may dread, not the close friend/family parties that I hope you look forward to.

Me personally, I approach these events as a challenge.

1.)  How healthy can I be and 2.)  how many cards and real estate discussions can I have without seeming too douchey?

Firstly, I try to stay healthy and eat healthy stuff when you can and not drink alcohol.  For those of you doing heroin and crack, this is not the place to do it.  LOL!

I just love waking up without a hangover after these parties and it’s easier to accomplish the second goal for me when not getting crazy with food and drink.

So, secondly, how many referrals can I get, how many cards can I give out and how many real estate conversations can I have (again, these are for the non-intimate gatherings you are required to attend). 

The number one rule for me is to BRING CARDS.  I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten business cards.

So pass them out freely within reason, meet new people, talk about your listing business.  I have a goal, depending on size, to meet 3 new people and give each a card.

This can translate to a new listing for you in the coming new year.

And it doesn’t hurt to stay healthy and wake up in the morning with a “go get em” attitude!

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