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Have You Ever Thought To Ask These Guys For Free Listings?

Well well well, another Epic listing agent I recently spoke to gave me a great idea that I never thought of. 

You know I am always telling you to call your professionals in your SOI, or sphere of influence, and ask them for referrals.  Well, there is one group of professionals that I never had thought to ask for referrals to sellers.


Heck, I have a close relationship with a couple of movers in my City, but I never ask them for seller referrals.  DAH!

I love it when there is a great lead source right in front of our noses and we just now realize to ask them!

I have such a close relationship with my movers, that every time I give them a referral, they send me a $200 gift certificate to my favorite restaurants.

And yet, I never thought to ask them for a referral!

These guys are constantly coming into contact with sellers day in and day out.  So identify the top movers in your community and start relationships with them.

What if you schmooze these guys for referrals.

Don’t just call them, but take them out to lunch.

Send them gift baskets to their offices.

Send THEM gift certificates.

Tell you what, I am going to jump on this ASAP!  (Now where is their number?)

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