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Have You Gone To School To Get Listings?

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  And for my Jewish peeps, hope you’re having an amazing Hanukkah!  I was thinking of some super cool Jewish friends of mine who were selling their house 2 years back and it reminded me of a cool way to get listings.

Go to school.

No, I don’t mean to go to University to get a degree. 

Go to your local college or university to court their donor gift department.

See, my clients donated their house to the University of Virginia and then the school had me list it for sale.  The school received the proceeds from the sale and my clients got a huge ass tax write-off.

So I started thinking….we should be courting these administrators at colleges because this happens often.  Donors are frequently giving their houses to colleges for large tax write-offs.

So why don’t we call our local schools and universities and find out who coordinates these donations and wine and dine them?  Email them and call them and tell them that you are their Unleashed listing agent for any donations of properties in your area. 

At a minimum, they should be on your SOI list and receiving emails from you.

And who knows, when they have a listing to give out, you should be at the forefront of their pretty little brains.

So reach out to colleges in your area and even schools in other parts of the country (maybe your alma mater?) and get these peeps on your SOI list.

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