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Have You Thought About This For New Listings?

I had a great week working like crazy AND visiting with clients/friends visiting me.  I love being super busy!

And in spite of being busy, we all need to do one thing that may seem apparent, but most agents don’t do to get listings.

Ask your boss.

I just got a listing appointment from my sales manager.  And I like to think I got it because I am always asking her for listings.

I know it seems goofy to ask your sales manager, but you have to.  

I ask my sales manager, the company attorney, the head of training, our research department, etc for referrals all the time.

I bet no one else in your office is doing this.  And so what if they are?

You can do it in a funny manner, like I say, “Hey Sally, you know me, I am asking everyone for referrals, have anyone today for me?” followed by me laughing.

Of course, 90% of the time, they will laugh too and say no.

Face it though, if a seller calls your office asking for a listing agent, which happens all the time, don’t you want to be on your sales manager’s mind?

It shows you’re motivated, you’re looking, you’re aggressive, you’re on top of it, and deep down, your sales manager is going to love you for asking.

And if you struggle with wanting to be loved, isn’t this a good thing?  🙂

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