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Have You Tried This To Get Listings?

Hope you have a powerful week this week.  I am doing 2 of the things I love doing this week; working on getting new listings and preparing listings for sale in the next couple of weeks.

And there are so many ways to get listings as an Unleashed listing agent.  Some ways work, like aggressively cold-calling, e-mailing, texting, posting on social media and network 365/24/7.

Leonard Steinberg at Compass Real Estate wrote a good article about another way to go about it.  In it, he said he believes in ATTRACTION MARKETING.  Here are his points:

1.  I try to be known as someone who is in and loves the real estate business, messaging this on a daily basis. Subtle things like wearing a COMPASS-branded sweatshirt or hoodie has ATTRACTED others into conversation.

2.  I don’t ever speak immediately to buying, renting or selling. I speak about real estate and my passion for it. I speak to newsworthy content based on relevant and timely issues. I do so after having done my homework so I can develop a point of view and valuable insights that I share.

3.  I give. I give daily. The more you give and the less you expect in return, the more rewarded you will be.

4.  I stay in touch with my clientele and sphere of influence by providing information and insight, never pestering them to buy, sell or rent.

5.  I have sent a newsletter with relevant information to around 15,000 people every single month for the past 15 years both in print and/or electronically.  Consistency, knowledge and productivity is well messaged this way.

6.  I am less transaction obsessed than I am relationship obsessed. While I never seek to be my client’s best friend, they know what I do and they mostly think of me first when the think real estate. 

7.  I always try to treat people with kindness, empathy and respect. Good manners can stand out. They attract.

8.  My social media messages both properties (photographed beautifully) as well as the issues related to quality of life and some bigger issues….but they all speak to a passion for real estate. Every now and then I (reluctantly) include a personal photo to make sure people know I am human, not a machine. Social media can message the type of properties you sell, how you market them, as well as consistency, insights and care.

9.  I love PUBLIC RELATIONS, speaking to all things real estate and home-related. There is no greater endorsement for what you do than something that is coming from a third party…..and goggle-able for life.

10.  There is not greater attraction marketing than an image of an exquisite property (at all price points!) with your name attached to it. That often says everything.

Love these points and would be interested in how many of these you are doing?

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