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Have You Tried This To Make Multiple Commissions On The Same House?

Hope you had a powerful week!  Still working on getting some new listings on the market and setting up my appointments with clients for my San Francisco visit next week.  

And talking about new listings, have you ever gone out and found unlisted properties for your clients?

I have been doing this for years, specifically with developers.  And it pays off!

Find developers/builders in your area that are looking for building projects.  Frequently, if you find them the site, they will list the property with you when done.

I just closed on a single family home last year, which I double ended because my client developer bought an old house I found.  I was just driving by and saw an old dilapidated house and knocked on the door.  Low and behold, the seller was interested in selling it, to get rid of it from his parent’s estate.

My clients bought it, and are constructing a huge house on the lot which I will list in the Fall.

So start a relationship with a builder/developer.  Hit me up here to see how.

Then go out there and find properties for them with the understanding that you get to list it when completed.

They will love you.

The sellers will love you.

And I’ll love you being an Unleashed listing agent!

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