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Having This Will Get You Through The Rough Times

Just had a great call with one of my coaching clients who told me she is super optimistic and excited about the 2023 real estate market.  What a breath of fresh air!

It’s no surprise, the current U.S. economy is not conducive to selling real estate.  After 30+ years as a listing agent, I know it’s super important to be one thing in these markets.

We HAVE to have a laser-like focus.

Having a laser-like focus is the key to being an Agent Unleashed.

I am not always 100% focused, but I try hard to be.  I have some great weeks, some bad weeks and everything in between.

Having this kind of focus is key.    

The KEY is to focus on: 1.)  our daily goals;  2.) our marketing strategy; and 3.) our health.  

If you’re missing exciting goals, if you don’t have a rock-solid strategy and if your health sucks, guess what?

You’re dead in the water.

And not just in business.

Because having a laser-like focus requires all three of those things.

If you don’t have exciting goals, then how will you know where you’re going and, quite frankly, why would you even want to go there?

If you don’t have a rock-solid marketing strategy that is simple and doable, how would you get to your end goal?

And if you don’t have good health, then your focus will be all over the place (trust me, one bag of potato chips can send me reeling in an afternoon).

So to have a laser-focus in life, you need all three.

It’s simple for us all?  Hell no!  

But constantly working on all three will get you to your end goal faster and with more joy than not having them.

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