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Here Is A Cool Source For FREE Listings

Just had a great lunch with a probate attorney who is trying to get me a listing, he’s such a sweet guy.  I am really building some great relationships with these attorneys with some good results.

And this is great for those of you who need a new stream of listings, you should jump on the probate attorney bandwagon.

I talk about this process in the Collective in detail, but working with these bad boys is a great way to get listings for FREE and to build your sphere of influence (SOI).

In a nutshell, go to your county probate listings, find all the probates in the past year that have real estate involved, contact the heirs and the attorney involved and see if they are going to sell the real estate. 

BAM!  You could have a new listing without spending any money and then you can add that attorney to your CRM and call them every 3-4 months asking them for probate referrals.

Of course, this does take some time, but once you get to know how your county does probates, and most are online nowadays so you can work from your home on these, it’s pretty easy to have a virtual assistant or someone do that work for you.

If you would like to jump on the phone and hear how I do probates and what I say to them, hit me up here.

So get out there and see how many listings you can get tapping into a great source for listings called probate attorneys.

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