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Here Is A New Source Of Listings You Could Die To Get

Just talked to a super cool Agent Unleashed who is killing it with probates in the midwest.

If you’re not working probates in your town, you could be losing out on a great additional source of listings.

And it’s so easy to do.  Just go to your county courthouse (many of them are online now) and identify all the probate cases, which by definition are cases where someone has died, and identify the ones where someone died and there is real estate involved.

Each probate record will identify who the decedent is, who the heirs are and who the attorney is.

Then use a form I developed to write that information down and contact them (if you want a copy of my form, hit me up here).

I then call and contact the heirs and the attorney and ask them if they plan on selling the property that’s part of the estate.

BAM!  You could get a listing!

I started my probate program a couple of years ago and received my first listing from the heirs within 2 months.

Once you get the hang of what you’re doing, you can get someone else to pull the probate info for you, which is what I now do.

It’s not a ton of work, it’s inexpensive, it’s a listing stream you wouldn’t have otherwise had and it’s another source of listings.

When I talk to them/leave messages, I send the attorney and heirs my pre-listing package which they are all impressed with (most listing agents just send their business card).

So branch out!  Do some research.  Find a new listing source.  Call a probate today!

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