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Here is One Idea To Make You a Badass Epic Listing Agent

I am selling a super cool new listing that I will be bringing on the market mid-March.  It’s my San Francisco house. 

OMG, I think every listing agent has to sell and buy something every once in a while to remember how crazy it is to go through the selling/buying process.  I am calm, I am calm, I am calm.  LOL!

So as I sit here with 5 painters and 2 electricians in my house, I had an idea based on talking to a couple of newer agents this week.

Their question is, how can we get listings if we are a buyer’s agent primarily or a newer agent?

Well, in addition to prospecting hard to find listings in the many ways I have discussed in this forum before, if you have no experience or are newer, you can do one thing to get you in the listing groove.

Partner with more experienced listing agents.

I have partnered with many listing agents, especially when I was younger and pretty (ok, had to throw that in there).

Here’s what you do.  Find a listing agent in your office, someone who has been in the business for a while and ask them if you can help them with their listings.

I have done this many times in the past.  Some are receptive, some aren’t.  Some will want you to work on the listing 80% and take 20% of the commission.  Some will use you, some will not.

The point is, if you’re willing to work your tail off for a super cool listing, even for a reduced cut of the commission, you can advertise this listing as your own.

It can help with you getting listing experience.

It can help with your confidence in meeting with sellers.

It can help with your income.

And it can help you with your goal to become a badass Epic listing agent.

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