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Here Is Your Video Strategy To Get Listings

What a crazy week!  OMG, clients sometimes are so goofy.  One of my clients, who has a very low-end home in San Francisco (and I mean low low end), was upset with me because her house isn’t selling (it’s been on the market for 3 weeks) and I didn’t do a video of the house with drone footage.

Yes, ma’m, having a drone take photos of your ugly ass listing is going to make all the difference.  How about getting rid of 50% of the junk in your house you call furniture, which is what that I asked you to remove?  Think that might help?

Rant over.

One thing that is hot and heavy right now though is the use of video for personal promotion in real estate.

I am bombarded with requests for me to use video in my real estate marketing.  Video is the future they say.  You need video they say.


There is no question that having a great video strategy can really compliment your other marketing to get listings.

Just remember, like anything else you do, keep it simple and do it consistently. 

And no you don’t have to pay a vid company thousands of $$$ to make this happen. 

Start doing short videos (under 3 minutes) with your cell phone and post them to Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, etc.  They can be about your listings, listings you see on broker’s tour and your general rants on the market.

They don’t have to be perfect, in fact, showing your slip-ups is endearing to folks.

Do it consistently and, for God’s sake, continue to do your other marketing/prospecting as well.

There, now you have a video strategy.

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