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Here’s An “Easy Peasy” Way To Get New Listings!

My business partner Terry is visiting us right now in Panama, his first time.  We’re having fun showing him all the sights and talking about old times.  And we told him a secret about us living here which floored him.  Too funny!

And do you know a secret way to get new listings that no one uses?

Old, retired or dead listing agents are your answer!  

You see, in your office, they have files where they keep all the old clients for listing agents that have passed away or have retired.  One of the things you should do is talk to your office manager and get those files to review.

Take those clients who bought or sold in the past and make them your clients.  I can bet that not many agents are addressing their needs and they have fallen between the cracks.  And if there is one thing I can’t stand are clients in cracks, LOL!

So call them and ask them how they are.  Find out if they need anything after introducing yourself as being from your office.  Maybe their old agent can even intro you if they are still around.

Make them your clients.  Put them in your CRM as “your” past client.  Be their “go-to” for all their real estate needs.

So many times these clients are just left to hang out to dry.

Not anymore because now they will be your clients.  For free.  Easy peasy.

And you know Papa likes things that are cheap and easy!

So start going through those files right away and get your new listing tomorrow!

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