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Here’s An Obvious Way To Sell Your Listings

Just had a wonderful weekend doing urban hikes around San Francisco in between working on my listings.  Between yoga and sit-ups, I can’t think of an easier way to get in my exercise during this lockdown than hiking.

I can though think of an easy way to find buyers for your listings.

Ask the sellers if they know anyone.

It was so funny, unbeknownst to me, my new sellers were leaving for their new home on the East coast last week and I just causally asked them the day before they left whether they knew anyone who might be interested in their condo. 

They proceeded to tell me that they made friends in the building with a young man who is really courting them to buy their place, including making them dinners and doing chores for them (my sellers are in their 90s). 

Had I not asked, they wouldn’t have told me!

Ok, Captain Obvious here, but are you asking your sellers for buyer referrals to their house?

I don’t always do this, but glad I did this time.

This guy wants the condo so bad that we are going to represent him and the sellers and get them in escrow and double-end the deal.

So, make it a habit to ask your sellers if they have buyers for their homes when you’re listing their home for sale.

It does sound obvious, but I would guess we don’t all do it.

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