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Here’s Another Tool In Your Arsenal To Get Listings

Had a terrible swim today, for some reason I didn’t have any motivation this morning.  But hey, at least I got my fat butt in the pool, right?

One thing I am working on this morning is my seller referral postcards.  Yes, postcards.

I know it sounds old-fashioned, snail mail, but IF one were to do some type of mailing to people, why not to the people that like you the most.

Sending postcards is just another tool for me to keep my name out there with the word real estate attached.

As you know, I call everyone that has given me a referral frequently.  I email them, send them hand notes, take them out to dinner, lunch, coffee, etc.

And every 6 to 8 weeks, I also send them a postcard. 

I also send the postcard to past clients and probate attorneys.

And it’s just a fun picture on the front with a cute tag line and a client testimonial on the back with a free CMA offer (if you want see a copy, hit me).

Super simple to put together and I send it out first class so I get return address changes.

It’s just another way to reach out to this important component of my SOI.

Because aren’t these the part of your SOI that you should be constantly reminding how brilliant you are?

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