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Here’s the Easiest Way to Get New Listings

Had a crazy open house for brokers on Tuesday at my new listing.  Had about 75 agents come through during an hour and a half period.  It was a zoo!  I don’t know if they liked the listing more or maybe it was the gourmet sandwiches that were served?  You know agents love their food!

I got this new listing using a very difficult process that most agents do NOT use.

I asked for it.

One of the easiest ways to get new listings is asking your current clients for referrals.


I sold a house about 3 months ago and simply asked the sellers if they knew anyone else selling.

It’s that simple.

And do most listing agents do this? 


“91% will give you referrals if asked.  Only 11% ask.”  —-Dale Carnegie

And I don’t know why.  Hopefully, you have already developed a great relationship with you sellers so that you can ask them for referrals.

And you should ask them at least 4x during your working relationship with them.  Once when you sign the listing, once during the marketing period, once during the escrow and again at the closing.

This is what Epic listing agents do.

“But Chris…..that is too many times!”

I hear you thinking that right now.  No it’s not.  You can be serious when you’re asking or you can also joke about it, keep it light. 

Once I told a seller, who I had a great rapport with, “If you give me a referral, I will get you $100,000 more money when we look at offers”.  Of course, it was so ludicrous that they just laughed.

So don’t be a scaredy-cat! 

Your sellers are hyper-aware of all things related to real estate during this period.  So use this to your advantage.

Use your charm and your personality and ask for referrals. 

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