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Here’s How You Have Fun While Getting Listings

Getting all fired up for a great dinner party tonight!

As many of you know, one of the ways I stay in touch with my sphere of influence or SOI is throwing dinner and cocktail parties.

And tonight is going to be super fun because I am doing one of my favorite things when having them for dinner.

Introducing two sets of clients that have never met each other.

I have been wanting to introduce these two couples for some time since the wives of the 2 couples are Persian and have a lot in common.

Try this with your SOI.

If you have the place or the time or the imagination, you can socialize with your SOI and introduce them to each other.

It’s fun, it’s not that expensive in the whole scheme of life and it creates beautiful memories in their minds (and yours) that solidifies that you are THEIR realtor.

I love these types of connections because there is NOTHING stronger to attach your SOI to you than belly-to-belly meetings.

And in this day and age, personal connections are key to get referrals and stay connected to your tribe.

And 90% of the time, someone brings up real estate and you can then look smart and opine on your specialty and ask for referrals (hit me up if you wanna know what I say to get referrals in person that is super NON-douchy).

So, break out your calendar, schedule a lunch, coffee, drinks, or dinner with your SOI, and mix them up while doing so.

Get a referral.

Confirm you are their go-to guy in real estate.

And have fun in the process.

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