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How Having Fun Can Get You Listings

Hope you having a great week!  I had a great swim this morning and had an epiphany while meditating which I do in the pool swimming. 

We have to have fun in this business.

Sometimes, myself included, we lose sight of the fact that we can’t always be stressing out 100% of the time about our results.

I have always said, the success of your day should be based on your actions, not your results.

I had a top listing agent ask me why I write so many emails each week and I had to tell them that I love doing it.  I love writing about listings and brain hacks and if it helps even one listing agent, my job is done.

It brings me joy. 

Which made me think how important it is to have fun in our job.  We know what we need to be doing 90% of the time to get new listings.

But 10% of the time we should be having fun with the business, trying new things to get new listings that we haven’t tried before.

I sometimes try different things to get new listings that I haven’t tried before.  Like once I tried to go visit 3 past clients a week with gifts.  It was fun, but took too much work on my part and I stopped doing it.

But the point is I tried it.

So what can you do with your listing business to have fun?

Play with it. Have fun with it.  See what works and what doesn’t.  

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new way to run your life!

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