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How I Got A Listing From A Psychiatrist Who Treats Sex-Offenders

Ok, so a truck driver, a rabbi and a psychiatrist for sex-offenders walk into a bar….

Ok, won’t go there.  You know my mind is in the gutter and I am constantly trying to yank it back into the world of civility.

But I digress.

There is a commonality with the truck driver, the rabbi  and the psychiatrist treating sex-offenders. 

They all gave me testimonials on Yelp.

And I just received a listing lead from one of these testimonials, hot damn!

As I mentioned a while back, we all have to constantly be asking our sellers for referrals.  And when the sale closes, we also need to be asking for testimonials.

Now you may not post your testimonials to Yelp, but they should be prominently displayed somewhere in your marketing materials.  I like Yelp because a lot of sellers go there automatically.

I have my testimonials on Yelp, on my website and on a lot of communications, especially my pre-qualification package (hit me up at here if you want a copy) and right on my listing presentation cover letter.

Testimonials build credibility as social proof, they connect with your audience on an emotional level and captures their attention because it’s a good story.  And everyone loves a good story.

So make sure you get testimonials for every closing and post those bad boys everywhere!

And let’s see how many listings you can get from them.

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