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How Long Do You Stay On The Pity Pot?

Had a great weekend showing a couple of listings we just brought on the market and having a social distanced birthday party for a friend.  It was awkward but fun.

One other thing that was driven home to me after talking to a crazy-ass friend of mine this weekend (after listening to her complain about her life for a long time) was that ALL entrepreneurs, including Agents Unleashed, need one trait to be successful.


After coaching and interviewing hundreds of Unleashed listing agents, there is no doubt in my mind that being optimistic is the cornerstone of a successful business.

This is either something inherent in many of us or it can be learned. 

But it is imperative you get this into your toolbox when you’re running your listing business or your business and your life is going to be toast.

And listen, I am not some pollyanna preaching optimism guy.  I get it, shit happens.

All of us experience some kind of downfall/bad news on a daily basis.  You didn’t get the listing.  Your buyer bought something off-market without you.  You’re not getting offers on your listing.  Your seller is a bozo.

Been there, done that.  But then get on the pity pot for 20 minutes and get off it.  Scream, cry and bitch for 20 minutes and then snap out of it.

Want to hear what I do to get off the pity pot?  HMU here.

If you can’t master this, then what’s the alternative?  To wallow in your own BS forever?  What does that accomplish?

If you want a successful listing business, you’re going to hit walls.

Just remember how to break through those walls quickly.

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