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How NOT To Cut Your Commission And Get The Listing

Oh man, was I just brutalized over cutting my commission by a seller yesterday.  I got my full commission but man, it was rough to keep it.

I think we are going to see a changing market in the next few years and now, more important than ever, Unleashed listing agents need to practice your commission cutting objection handlers. 

There’s always the old tried and true when a seller asks you to cut your commission, “No, any other questions?”

I talked to another listing agent who uses the following:

“Ultimately, it’s not about the commission rate; it’s about your net proceeds.  The reason you should use me is everything I do to increase the dollars which you end up with when the deal is done.  My plan is to make you more money than I cost you in commissions.  Here’s how I do that:  (and then he lists out all the things he does for his marketing).”

I like this approach.  What do you think?

It’s then a good idea to list out things that REALLY differentiate you from the competition.  If you want to know a cool easy way to differentiate yourself, hit me up here.

So here are 2 ways to make you more commission income. 

What do you say to get make a higher commission income?

You can do this!

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