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How To Be The First To Get Expired Listings

Just had a major swim where I was really proud of myself, did a couple of personal bests and had a great meditation in the process.  Swimming is really the best for me where I can combine meditation and exercise.

And had a great call with one of our Collective members who is doing something cool, thinking out of the box, with regard to expired listings.

What he’s doing is identifying which expired listings in his community he wants to go after and then mailing to them BEFORE they expire.

Now now, I know some of you are saying, BUT CHRIS, that is against the real estate ethics of soliciting listings while they are under a listing contract.

But wait.  There’s more.  What he does is send a hot pre-listing package to not only the expired listing, but everyone on that block.

So, he’s really doing a neighborhood mailing, to that block, but it happens to include that listing that is about to expire as well.

And he puts the verbiage we all know, “If your home is listed for sale, this is not a solicitation, blah blah….”

What’s cool about this is that he’s calling this a general mailing, he’s getting his info into the hands of a listing that is about to expire anyway before anyone else and then when it does expire, he’s the first to call them.

Again, I like this because it’s thinking out of the box to get expired listings.  Brilliant!

If you are doing this, let me know how it’s going for you right here.

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