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How To Become a Lean Mean Listing Machine

I am learning so much about myself and my listing business in San Francisco since this lockdown.  Too much time to think?  One thing I’m learning is how to be more efficient in my business.

There really is a different way to conduct yourself and your listing business that can be more efficient and streamlined.

And we should all use this time now to figure out how can we change given the current environment we’re working in. 

Here are some ideas to streamline and make you more productive and efficient like an Agent Unleashed……and I am sure you have some as well:

.  Work from home more which could be a more efficient use of your time.

.  Use Zoom calls for client meetings.

.  Analyze your credit statements for recurring charges that you can do without.

.  Outsource everything you can to others.

.  Have ALL of your clients in one CRM and make sure all are tasked out to call in the future.

.  Hire a buyer’s agent.

.  If it makes sense, hire someone to run your business for you while you sell.

.  Have fewer staff meetings.

.  Leverage partnerships with lenders, title companies, insurance agents, etc.

.  Create boundaries at home (if working from home) and with work.

.  Spend time unplugged while working.

.  Don’t be a slave to gadgets.

These are just some ideas I have been working on and I am sure you have many more.

The point is to use our time now to become a lean mean listing machine!

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