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How To Bond With Sellers To Get Listings

Looking at offers today for a listing we put on the market here in San Francisco that has been crazy.  We have 27 disclosure packages out and have had about 8-11 private showings a day since it hit the MLS 7 days ago.  Nuts!  Fielding all the requests for information about the house was exhausting.

And speaking of information, people don’t care about how many homes you sold, what homes sold on their street, how much they sold for, etc.

They want you to give them your wisdom and your story.

As Annette Simmons says:

“People don’t want more information. They are up to their eyeballs in information. They want faith—faith in you, your goals, your success, in the story you tell. It is faith that moves mountains, not facts. …”

Do you want to be an Unleashed listing agent

Do you want to get more listings?

Do you want to be more of a badass agent?

Go through your business life in a more confident manner making sure your clients know the “story” you tell.

Not the story of your life.  Your clients don’t care about your story.  They want to know that you understand THEIR story.  What are their concerns?  What are their desires?  What are their fears?

They don’t give a rat’s ass about how many homes you sold, how many years you’ve been in business, how pretty your photoshopped airbrushed picture is on your business card or how expensive your car is.

What they care about is how well you get them.

They need to have faith in you.  The story you tell has to be about them.  One example would be a recent listing appointment where the sellers were concerned about moving across country for work.   And I talked to them about how many times I have moved across country (4x) and all my insecurities and fears and what went well and what went wrong.   We bonded.

What are your client’s biggest fears?  Their biggest desires?  What do they want?

Build your marketing message around these things.  Put it on your website, on your CMAs, on your business cards.  This will instill faith about you in them.  This will make them like you and trust you.  Can you convey your message in one sentence?

One of the best books on this subject is Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand.  Read this book.  Develop your message.  Like Donald say, “Clarify your message so customers will listen”.

You owe this to your business, your family and your clients.

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