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How To Build Your SOI AND Get Free Listing Referrals

Having a super productive week showing listings and onboarding new clients which is always fun.

And another thing that is fun is to get listing referrals in a way that many of us forget to do.

By cultivating referrals from people and professionals you are doing deals with right now.

I just got a lead on a listing from a lender in Los Angeles that is representing one of our buyers.

I asked him, while talking to him about his lame pre-approval letter he sent us, if he knew anyone in San Francisco that might be selling.

And he said yes!

You can bet I will be all over that lead.

So if you’re working with a seller or buyer currently, you are frequently also working with their lender, insurance agent, a different escrow officer you usually don’t work with, their contractors, etc. 

You get the idea.

So don’t only ask them for referrals, but put them in your CRM as part of your SOI, thereby increasing your SOI.  And then ask them for referrals every few months.

Easy peasy!

I love doing this because it’s free, they get a sense for who you are and you are building your SOI.

To me, that sounds like a win-win.

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