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How To Deal With Controlling Sellers

Had a super good night, slept 9 hours and feeling on fire!

And I am going to need it.  Because I have a seller now that is micro-managing us to death.

You know the type.  The marketing person who knows how to market better than you.  The attorney that knows contracts better than you.

And I have the developer that knows more about photography than me.

I have had 2 professional photographers come out and take photos.  A professional marketing person I know from New York told me the photos are gorgeous.  Everyone says they are the most stunning photos they have seen.

Except for the seller.

According to the seller, my marketing department and the photographer are amateurs and are just doing a mediocre job.

Borderline nasty in a very sweet way. 

You’ve met those type of people, no?

One of my ex’s was like that.  LOL!

So what to do?

If they are abusive or just plain nasty, fire their ass.

If they are just controlling, be strong if you really want the listing, and know it’s not about you.  It’s about their BS.  So don’t let it make you feel less of a person.

And what I am doing successfully is NOT getting caught up in the drama and always bringing the discussions back to the goal. 

The goal being what are we going to do productively now to get this house on the market?

Forget the petty infighting, forget the negative comments, just keep the conversation about what we can do to make the seller happy and get the house on the market.

Just remember, it’s not about you.

It’s about their own issues of control.

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