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How To Get Listings From Open Houses

Had a great weekend, sold a large listing with 12 offers on it and took some time off which we needed.  If you know me, I don’t like doing open houses but I had to do one last weekend because we couldn’t find anyone to do them for us.  

If you are going to do them, do them to pick up LISTINGS!

I have seen some open houses where the agent just sits there and says nothing.  I have seen some agents just sit on the couch and ignore the guests.  I have seen some agents leave the open house EMPTY!  WTF?

IF you are going to do an open house, do it right.  Prepare for it, know the area.  Know the listing if it’s not yours.  Demand visitors sign in.  Engage all visitors and get their info because many visitors as you know are surrounding homeowners just looking for info.  And most importantly, ask homeowners for the  appointment RIGHT THEN to see their house.

Bring comps of the area.  One agent in my office has an easel with a large poster board of what is in the area.  Serve food.  Play music.   Work the open house as if you life depended on it.  You already know what to do at open houses.

And the most important thing is to followup!  Call and email your visitors and send your marketing info, get the appointment, work this list. 

I honestly knew one agent who laid down on the sofa during the open house and told visitors to yell if they needed anything, honest to God.  (have to admit that is funny).  But why bother?

So if you’re going to do opens, prepare like a jet pilot.  Be ready.  Know the drill.  And make it a mission to arrive at your destination in one piece (the destination in this case is a new listing).

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