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How To Get More Listings AFTER You Close

One of the things that I love about our profession is helping people.  Helping sellers achieve their dreams of selling their homes.  

And also helping the buyers that buy those homes.

I always stay in touch with the buyers who buy our listings, because they frequently need referrals to take care of problems, but they also frequently GIVE us referrals for listings.

I just had a buyer who bought my listing, who I have been staying in touch with, reach out to me because she needed a referral to a contractor that could do some work for her.  Not surprisingly, she called me instead of her buyer’s agent, who has somehow disappeared.

Maybe it’s because I have been emailing and calling her just to check up on her to make sure all was well with the property she purchased.

And at the end of her email to me, she said, “You should reach out to Mr. X in my building because I heard he may be selling.”

This is very cool because I never asked her for referrals, I was just staying in touch with her to help her out.

And you know I will now be all over Mr. X.

So your job as an Unleashed listing agent isn’t just to sell the listing and forget about it.  

Your job is to stay in touch with your clients, both sellers, and buyers, after the sale.

To help them out with referrals for them.

And to receive referrals from them for helping them out.

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