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How To Get More Listings With More Time Off

I just got back from hiking and other fun stuff in the mountains of an extinct volcano here in Panama for the last three days and had a blast. 

People always ask me how I can take so much time off during the week and it really all comes down to one word. 


Taking time off and spending it with my family and friends is, after my health, one of my top goals in life.

And I can only do this if I am “on” during my work time.

I read Daymond John’s book, “Rise and Grind” and totally agree with him that the “….common trait I notice in all the people I met who are thriving and striving:  every single one of them has got a killer work ethic”.

I have many brain hacks and great strategies to get more listings in the Agent Unleashed program and I am always talking about quality of life and taking time off.

But to be able to do this, you have to be working your ass off when you are in work mode.

You want to 10X your listings and take more time off?

Then be focused when working on getting new listings.  Start your day off correctly.  Eat well.  Stop all distractions.  Be laser-driven when you’re in the zone.


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