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How To Get Referrals Without Being A D-Bag

We just sold a large house to a buyer who is super sweet.  They are a young couple and they are getting married in 3 weeks.  And I did something I do with every buyer and seller constantly.

Asked them for referrals.

There is no better time to ask your clients for referrals than when they are in the thick of the real estate world.

When they have real estate on the brain they are focused on it, they are talking to their friends about it and it pretty much consumes them.

What a better time to hit them up for referrals?

Ask them when you first meet.  Ask them when they get into contract.  Ask them when they are in escrow.  Ask them when the close.

You don’t have to be jerks about it, be cool, be casual and be kind when asking.

You can ask in a myriad of ways, but an old standby for me is, “don’t forget to keep me in mind if any of your friends are thinking of buying or selling”.

What are they going to say?  No?

Of course, they always say yes.

And when their friends hear them talk about selling or buying, they themselves will be thinking about real estate and your clients will know that they should be referring you.

It’s not a hard ask and it’s not sketchy at all to do so. 

We just have to remember to always be asking.

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