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How To Handle Your Competition That Are Charging 1% Commission

Hope you had a great weekend!  I worked mostly and entertained some future clients and had a lot of fun.

A number of you have been asking me how to combat listing agents out there that are significantly reducing their commissions.  I mean, come on, how can someone justify a 1% commission?  This is such BS.

Leonard Steinberg in our company has a great objection handler that we can use with a seller that I really like.  Here are some of the snippets that we can use when we are up against competition that sells their soul to the devil for a listing.

“I believe a 1% commission that other agents promise is somewhat misleading. You still pay the buyer’s agent commission, so in total you are paying 4%.  A 6% commission equates to 3% to the listing agent and 3% to the buyer’s agent.  I would say you get what you pay for:  If you list with someone who is being paid 2/3 less than other agents, I would assume that person may not be as good at selling real estate?  Online presentation, showing the property and negotiation can be complex efforts…if done well, in addition to navigating the Inspection, Appraisal and other contingencies of a contract.

Your property is a more complex one to understand and show: You have to know the unique attributes and subtle nuances of selling a property like this, and then also be able to explain the unique value of this property. No algorithm provides this insight or intelligence, factors that may add value to the sale price.

On top of this, I will provide white glove service to you so that the process is seamless and time-saving…..and not restricted to the pure transactional aspects alone. A good agent does so much more than that to be certain you achieve more than just market exposure and administrative services.

Ultimately, you care more about what you NET than what you pay in commissions.  If you list with someone who knows what they’re doing and gets you top dollar, your commission’s savings could be outweighed by a lesser selling price.

Salespeople and marketers who are less incentivized often don’t care as much about results as they care about getting the job over and done with. They may not fight as hard for that extra dollar. They may not possess the skills to navigate the complex emotions around real estate transactions.

More importantly, I am here for you well before a transaction occurs and forever afterward. My business model is relationship-obsessed, not transaction-obsessed. There is a difference.”

Love this argument/objection handler!

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