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How To Keep Yourself From Going Crazy With Listings

Back in San Francisco getting into the thick of our new listings and showings this week, going to be a crazy good week.

Miss our time in Panama the last two weeks.  One of the highlights was spending some quality time with friends a week ago Saturday which ended with a 9 p.m. dinner outside on a waterfront restaurant terrace under umbrellas in the rain with 80 degree temps….it was magical! 

One of the things I’m always talking about is the ability to get over our emotions in our business.  Can this listing business jack up our emotions or what?

You know what it’s like, right? Someone triggers you with something they say…sellers, other agents, loan agents, etc.  Or we get a big paycheck which makes us high or your seller says they decided not to sell which drives us into the ground.

The key is to keep our emotions in check. Both the ups and downs.  Keep your emotions in between the lines, someone once told me.

If you don’t, you know this business will drive you crazy.  

My mentor told me something that works for me.  He told me when you get all torqued up about something, FEEL the emotion, sit with it, allow it to be and within minutes, it usually goes away or becomes more manageable.  

A lot of times, we don’t allow it to “be” and we just keep fighting it and fighting it until we go into an eternal loop of craziness.  

So give it try.  

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