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How to Make Yourself the Listing Expert in Your City

Happy Friday to you!  Did you have a great week prospecting? 

I had a great week prospecting and didn’t get one lead and that’s ok.  What’s the saying?  All these “no’s” are getting me one step closer to a “yes”!

And one way to get listings is to be the expert in your marketplace.  And one way to convey your “expert-ness” (I love making up words) is to be giving your SOI and the public stats about the real estate market.

The best real estate marketing includes plenty of graphics — but not just any will do. Taking time to hone your Photoshop skills (or building enough capital to hire a professional graphic designer) will allow you to add striking images, charts, graphs, and other visual elements to your emails, blog and social media posts.

Some types of stats you can display in colorful graphs include:

  • Annual median price trends.
  • Median house prices.
  • Median condo prices.
  • Median prices for properties by district or area.
  • Active listings by price point.
  • New home listings by season or by month.
  • Home sales by price point.
  • Sale price to listing price.

These are just a sample of some of the stats you can turn into graphics. Use your imagination, I am sure you can create many more relative to your marketplace.

Send them out to your peeps AND to your local media outlets.  You can frequently get some good press coverage as well, further solidifying your place as an expert in your market.

Because we all know you are an Epic listing agent!

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