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How To Use Your Passion To Get Listings

Hope you had a great week!  What are you dressing as for Halloween?  I remember one year when I was about 10 years old, my Mother put brown shoe polish in my hair (I hated being blonde as a child) so I could dress as a hippie.  That crap turned my hair orange and it wouldn’t wash out.  I was mortified to go to school the next day with orange hair.  What was my Mother thinking?  LOL!

And one of the things I was reminded of this morning by my Father on the phone was something my Mom always said throughout my life.  She always told anyone that would listen that, “when Chris get’s a hair up his ass about wanting something, he makes it happen”.  LOL!  

But it’s true, if there is something I really want, whether it’s a house, a relationship, a car, a listing, a move to a new country, I obsess about it and think about and talk about it nonstop.  I have manifested so many things in my life.  

So never underestimate the power of your focus and where you’re putting it. 

As George Lucas said, “Remember, what you focus on determines your reality”.

When you REALLY want something, when you put PASSION behind it and think about it nonstop, it’s natural to work towards that goal and manifest it into your life.  

Merely thinking about it without the passion behind it doesn’t make it happen.

So be conscious of your focus. 

Get laser focused on what you want. 

Get emotional about it.  Or as my one friend says, “get jiggy” about it.

And it will happen.

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