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How to Work Less and Have More Listings

The market is still crazy in San Francisco for sure.  Just listed a complete teardown and asked for offers yesterday.  Someone needs to take it down to the studs and rebuild this house.  Listed at $800,000, had 16 offers and the highest one was a little over $1.2 million.  Isn’t that cray-cray?

And you know what else is crazy?

Doing anything in your listing business that is not an income producing activity.

Epic listing agents know they should only be prospecting for listings, writing contracts, doing listing presentations, signing those listings, etc.

If you’re doing anything else in your listing business, STOP IT.

And let someone else do it for you.

I have always used escrow coordinators to do my files.

I have used sites like FIVERR to do my design work, website work, writing, copywriting or anything else that I can think of, Fiverr can do it.

I have used virtual assistants as well.  I once had a virtual assistant do all my hand notes from me.  I would tell her daily which prospects needed handwritten notes and she would do it from her home in Denver. 

So with the resources you have available to you in this wonderful modern world, you can outsource most of your NON-income producing activities and just CONCENTRATE on your income producing stuff.

So evaluate your biz.  What can you outsource?

And one advantage is that it also frees you up to have a life.

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