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How Your Own Two Feet Can Get You Listings

After talking to a few agents this week, it’s clearly evident to me that we all have different ways of getting listings.

That’s why in the Collective, we don’t force you to use prospecting methods you don’t want to do.

We’re not all the same.  This was driven home to me when I talked to a great listing agent in Southern California who loves door knocking.

I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking you could never do that.  Well, if you think that, guess what?  You can’t.

But for those of you who love being outdoors and meeting new people face to face, there is NO better way to connect with people and get listings.

Full disclosure:  I used to door knock and had great success with it and then I just got tired of it and stopped doing it.

For those of you who like being outside and doing something different or adding another prospecting method to your arsenal, go for it!

Just remember, door knocking is more effective than calling people in a neighbor because people are generally nicer face to face.

And bring them value.  Don’t just show up and ask them if they want to sell their homes.

I always found the easiest thing to do is to bring them a brochure of what’s happening in their area, invite them to your open house or someone else’s open house, tell them about a just listed or just sold or tell them about some new development in the area.

So you’re showing up providing value to them instead of asking them for something.

And for those who are nice to you and talk to you, get their information, put them in your SOI and follow up with them.

Hell, what a great way to get exercise, meet new people, get listing leads and appointments and build your SOI!

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