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I Double Dare You To Do This To Get Listings

Just getting back into San Francisco from my amazing consult with my business mentor in NYC this morning and feeling all revved up!

And another reason I am revved up is that my biz partner just got a great listing lead from doing something so basic.

Knocking on doors.

And there is a super easy way to do this.

Have a damn good reason for knocking on their door.

And here is the simplest reason of all.  Find a listing of yours or the listing of another agent in your office and bring a property statement to their door and give it to them.  Say you are advertising this listing, BAM!

You have a natural reason to hit them up, you’re just notifying them of this listing.

“Hi Mrs. Jones, I am Chris Stafford with Compass Real Estate and we just listed 145 Day St. around the corner for $899,000 and I was wondering who you know what might be interested in the property?”

And I guarantee that the conversation will come around to their plans.  Most people will tell you whether they are staying put or moving soon.  And if it doesn’t come up, you can say, “When do you plan on moving?”

Remember to ask open-ended questions when you do ask.

I like this in person meet up because sellers are nicer to you and more prone to open up to you in person as opposed to on the phone.

Do this for 20-50 houses around your new listing and get some Epic listing leads. 

This is a great way to connect with your community, meet your prospects belly-to-belly and get some great listing leads.

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