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If You Are Not Acting This Way, You are Dead to Seller Prospects

We had a great Top Producer Collective call yesterday where I was talking about one of the most important things we can do right now in our marketing for new listings.

Be authentic.

As my friend Travis said in my mastermind group this past weekend, “Being authentic is the new social currency”.

Being fake, trying to be someone you’re not, being pretentious, and misleading people is SO 1990s.

Stop hiding behind your glamour shots and your pics of you in front of a private plane and your Mercedes sedan and your Chanel suits and just be you.

You see, sellers and consumers are more sophisticated than ever these days.  They can smell a rat or a fake a mile away.

Be yourself. 

Some ways to do this? 

Be present in the moment with your sellers and seller prospects. Really listen to them and really hear them and what they are saying.

Be vulnerable.  When you are vulnerable with sellers, they can sense that and they will open up more.  I have always said, seller prospects won’t remember your stats, that you’re number one, how many sales you made, but they WILL remember how you made them feel.

Be real knowing you’re not perfect.  No one is perfect.  Embrace your goofiness, your personality, your foibles.

HOT TIP TO GET LISTINGS:  One way to show your authenticity right now in getting listings is to start doing Facebook Live videos.  Do them about your listings, other people’s listings, about your sales, etc.  A lot of Epic listing agents now are doing Facebook live videos.  And what a GREAT way to show everyone your personality and your craziness!  How fun with them.  And then boost the post so it reaches more people.

So embrace yourself. 

Don’t be someone you’re not.

Be your authentic self.

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