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If You Are Not Doing This To Get Listings, You Are Dead To Me

Just arrived in Panama yesterday and met a guy on the plane that just gave me a potential referral.  I even had the forethought to bring business cards with me (which I always forget to do).

This reminds me that as UNLEASHED listing agents, we have to ALWAYS be doing what’s expected of us.

Know what that is?

Asking everyone for referrals.

It is so interesting to me that when talking to other listing agents about this, how reticent they are about asking for referrals.

Had I not mentioned this to the gentleman on the plane yesterday, I would be out a great lead.

How many deals are you missing out on a year by not asking for referrals?

And you can ask for them in a real non-douchey way by using my line of, “Yes, I am a listing agent in San Francisco and the market is so crazy right now because we don’t have enough houses to sell, so let me know if you know anyone thinking about selling please.”

I once went to a party and got 2 referrals from my client’s party guests, one of which turned into a super swanky listing (in all honesty, one of the leads was because of my client touting my skills as an Unleashed listing agent).

So step up your game.  Once again, this is a great way to get listing leads without spending any money and without any extra effort.

Send me a note and tell me how you ask for referrals.

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