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If You Are Not In This Group, Your Listing Inventory Is Going To Suck

About to leave shortly for Chicago to attend a mastermind group that I joined last year where master marketing studs and studettes from all over the country meet quarterly.  It isn’t cheap, but well worth the money and time invested.

Are you in a mastermind group?

If you are not, then FIND ONE or START ONE for FREE immediately to get new listings!

Some benefits include:

  • Make incredibly cool friends.
  • Challenge yourself to do better.
  • Be accountable.
  • Great brainstorming opportunities.
  • Get great feedback on your marketing plans.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Gain better focus and clarity.
  • Increase your confidence that you can make things happen.
  • Get great ideas for marketing.
  • Get referrals for listings.
  • Think bigger.
  • Expand your skills.
  • Help others.
  • Hot seats where you can present your biggest challenge to the group and get feedback.

These are just some of the killer reasons why EVERYONE should be a part of a mastermind group.

And yes, I pay a lot to be part of this extraordinary group, but you DON’T have to. 

You can start one for FREE.

Just contact a few listing agents in your state, in surrounding counties, areas you don’t work, and call them and ask them to meet on the phone once a month.  Viola!  You’re in a mastermind!

If you want to know how to conduct one and get one started, hit me up at [email protected]

I have been in many masterminds and have never regretted the time and effort and have received some amazing referrals to new listings.

So start yours today, it is IMPERATIVE!

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