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If You’re Going To Do An Open House, At Least Do This

Just finished a listing appointment with a lovely older man who came to our open house a week ago Sunday.  He walked into the open house saying he loved the house but it was too big for him.

I started asking him about where he lives and what his plans were.  You see, I had just stopped into the open house to give something to my business partner who does our opens.  I was there about 15 minutes and got a listing appointment.

And it surprises me how many people do open houses and only concentrate on the buyers of the open house. 

I mean listen, if you’re going to do an open house, at least ask people if they have a house to sell!

When I did open houses before, one of the first questions I asked was where are they living now and do you have to sell.

I once had a seller/neighbor come into an open house I was doing and I went over their house right after my open house and signed a multi-million dollar listing with them that night.

So you know I am not crazy about doing open houses, but if you’re going to do them, at least try to get a listing while you’re there.

So make this a part of your open house script.

Trust me, sellers need help from experts and this a great way to become indispensable to them.

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