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Is It Even Worth It To Be An Unleashed Listing Agent?

Just got back to Panama yesterday and super excited to be back home.  I just had to reprint this I wrote 2 years ago:

Some people think and have told me, that I have a cool lifestyle, that I have it all. 

When I was in real estate for about 10 years, I thought the same thing, that I had made it big time.

  • I was making big money – check.
  • I was in a 12-year relationship – check.
  • I was taking a lot of time off in Europe – check.
  • I was wearing $5,000 suits – check.
  • I had a super cool seasoned business partner – check.
  • I was driving a badass Mercedes – check.
  • I had a penthouse City condo and a wine country home – check.

And then the Universe told me to wake the F&*K up!

There are many factors that brought down my house of cards, but one was, as Peter Hoppenfeld likes to say, “I started to drink my own Kool-Aid”.

Or as a mentor of mine used to say, “WHEN YOU BELIEVE YOUR OWN BULLSHIT, YOU’RE DEAD”  (one of my favorite sayings I will always remember).

In a few short years:

  • I got a divorce.
  • I found out my business partner was dishonest (that’s all I can say).
  • My country house burned down.
  • My new life partner was diagnosed with brain cancer.
  • I started having panic attacks which were debilitating.
  • My best friend hurt me deeply and we haven’t talked since.
  • My business tanked because I took my eye off the ball.

This was a very rough time for me.  I had to go through so much change.  I had to pull myself back into, not just a profitable business, but back into a normal life.  

And my point here?  Everything you have can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye.

Including your listing business.

So welcome to entrepreneurship.  Welcome to being an Unleashed listing agent.

Here’s the truth. 

Entrepreneurship is hard. Really, really hard.

You’re going to get your teeth kicked in on an almost daily basis.

Maybe it’s just the Universe’s way of saying to slow down.  

To be grateful.

To appreciate all you have.

To not believe in your own bullshit.

To know that being an Unleashed listing agent is hard work.

But we will all move forward, always get back up and always continue to stay positive and live in REALITY.

Because in the end, being an Unleashed listing agent is worth it.

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