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Is It Time You Change The Way You Get Listings?

Are you feeling it?  The change in the air?  It’s spring and a time for renewal!  I had a great workout this morning and feeling all “jiggy” about new beginnings and new things in our lives. 

I don’t know, maybe I am just excited to be leaving for Panama in about 2 weeks to meet with my Panamanian attorney to start the residency process for our eventual move to Panama.

That’s right, if you don’t know, we are moving to Panama gradually in the next few years. 

We are doing this for new adventures.  New challenges and to be closer to family.

I will still be splitting my time between Panama and San Francisco, because I love selling real estate so much and love my real estate business in SF.

And new beginnings also means changing the “Collective” as well!  I love working with motivated listing agents who TRULY want to change themselves and their business.

I love working with listing agents who want to be untethered and unleashed.

Agents who are serious about 10X’ing their business, listings and time off.

Agents that are unleashed.

So from here on out, if you don’t already know, Epic Listing Agent is now “AGENT UNLEASHED”.

And if you are SERIOUS about changing your lives and changing your listing business, join us in the “Agent Unleashed Collective”.

This program is not for the unmotivated.  It’s not for the looky-loos.  It’s not for the “I think I want to increase my business”.  It’s not for undedicated listing agents.

It’s for listing agents that want to change it up.  Change their business. Change their lives.

Agents that want to be Unleashed!

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