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Is Rejection Your BFF?

Just got done buying all the ingredients for my vegan chili recipe. I know, most people think of vegan chili as disgusting and reject the thought, but it’s really very good. If you’re interested, I will send you the recipe!

And speaking of rejection, I was just emailing a dear client and friend Michele last week about my last ramble on being resilient and she said, “Rejection is my BFF!”

Being an Epic listing agent, one has to be resilient and part and parcel of that is handling rejection. Love that Michele!

I always say, you’re being rejected all day long by your partners, husbands, children, family, etc. And you care about these people!

So what do you care if other people in the business who you don’t know that well say no to you?

I was calling expired listings about 2 weeks ago and the seller started yelling at me on the phone (a knee jerk reaction) about how dare I call him. After apologizing for the call and asking him some pertinent questions, we got into a 15 min call about why his place didn’t sell and we agreed I will call him back after Labor Day because he wanted to take a break.

I could have cringed when he started yelling and got off the call fast, but I just smiled and told myself that it was nothing personal. And who knows, it may lead to a listing appointment and a listing.

The hip hop artist Lecrae said, “If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die from their rejection.”

Go out into the world and be yourself, be your best self and don’t live for people’s acceptance.

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