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Is Your Pre-listing Package Getting You Listings?

We just closed on a house in San Francisco last week for a pretty major price.  We broke the record in this area for selling it at almost $1500 a sq. ft.  Sometimes it’s tough to be a buyer in San Francisco because there is so much competition.

And there was one thing in particular this seller liked about our presentation to them, as we were in competition to get the listing.

Our pre-listing package.

It is vitally important for Unleashed listing agents to have a high quality strong pre-listing package put together.

If you would like to see our pre-listing package, which we call our Statement of Qualifications”, hit me up here.

You want it to include your bio, your detailed marketing plan, testimonials, references and that’s it!

We don’t put a lot of info about our company or market stats or fluffy BS.

Just the facts ma’m!

These pre-listings are important for a number of reasons.

They educate your prospect about who you are in advance of your presentation.

They frequently make your listing presentation shorter and more of a conversation about the market, pricing and your marketing.  Especially in today’s age of the internet, I am finding sellers are pretty savvy about what their house should sell at.

They can impress your prospect assuming your pre-listing is on good paper stock, looks expensive (doesn’t have to be expensive) and is delivered by hand or in a nice fashion.  I frequently use a U.S. post office express envelope to send ours.  So make sure your package looks like high-end eye candy!

I print out about 20 at a time and use them for my expired leads as well.  They can be used like this as a high end calling card.

So take the time to assemble your pre-listing and let it do the heavy lifting for you!

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