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It’s Crucial You Edit Your Listing Business This Way!

Hope you had a great weekend!  I was super productive setting up appointments for Sept clients and listings.  I’m going back to San Francisco in Sept for 2 weeks to “shake hands and kiss babies” with my clients.  I go thru this every year organizing my Sept because in San Francisco, August is super dead for us.  So I use this downtime to make sure my Sept to Nov are maxed out with listings/sales.  In SF, we do most of our biz in the Spring and Fall because we are not a school year driven market.

What else I do around this time is to analyze my biz.  We are 8 months into the year and it’s important that we all look at our business and figure out what’s working and what’s not working.

I personally want to make sure my remaining 4 months of the year are super productive and successful….and now is the time to edit your business.

What’s working for you?  What’s not working?  Consider these areas:

.  Your prospecting

.  Your budgeting

.  Your schedule

.  Your daily routine

.  Your health

.  Your marketing

.  Your team structure

All of these things need to be fine-tuned to increase your chances of ending 2022 with major success.

Or maybe not.  Maybe you’re rocking it and don’t need to change anything.

But take the time to figure that out.

Your life and your Agent Unleashed business depend on it!

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