Knowing This Fundamental Skill Is Going To Get You the Listings - The Agent Unleashed

Just did a super cool podcast with Ray Wood, a super cool coach and real estate influencer out of Toronto and had so much fun talking about how technology can help us get listings and connect with more prospects.

There is no question that technology can be used correctly, like SEO marketing, social media, Facebook ads, blah, blah, blah.  These things are amaze-balls for getting you listings and leads.

But, there is one thing that the high tech approach cannot help you with.

Your interpersonal skills when you meet the seller.

You have to know how to talk to sellers.

How to connect with them and build rapport.

How to close the sale.

We all have to know the basics of human interaction but we need to know the “belly to belly” skills.

We need to know how to empathize and listen to our sellers so they feel heard.

We need to know how to really understand their dreams, their fears and their desires.

We need to know how we can get that listing and there is no use of technology that is going to help you with that.

So remember the basics.  Have an excellent listing presentation.  Know how to talk to people on the phone and in person using tonality, rate of speech, whether to talk fast or slow, how to match a person’s style, etc.

Because, it’s the basics of human interaction that is going make you become an Agent Unleashed!

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