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Knowing This One Thing Will Make You A Better Listing Agent

Hope you had a great week.  Can you believe it’s already September?  OMG, this year is going so fast!

Do you know your why?

Why do you desire to be an Unleashed listing agent and increase your listing business?

What is your why?

It is so easy to forget why we are doing what we do on a day to day basis.  Life gets in the way, we all have so many distractions which take us away from our goals, away from our why.

It is VERY important to have your why in front of you on a daily basis.

I have interviewed over 60 successful listing agents in the past and there is one thing all of these Unleashed listing agents have at the top of their mind.

Their “why”.

Knowing your why can do so much to help propel you forward in your day to day.

Some of us are passionate about real estate and love working with sellers and getting listings.  For me, there is no greater high than helping others achieve their dream.

Some of us are using real estate to get to their goal that makes us all “jiggy”.

And both are fine.

So unless you understand what your why is, it is going to be a lot harder to get you through the hard times.  And a lot harder for you to motivate yourself to do better and better each day.

Some of may want to retire to some foreign beach somewhere.

Some of you may want to create security for your children and spouse.

Some of you may want to start a charity for children like one of my clients.

Some of you may just want to make a lot of money to give it all away to charities like Andrew Carnegie.

And some of you may just want to take super cool vacations.

And all of these are great!  And these can all act like crack to propel you to your dreams. 

So figure out what your why is.  What is your dream that being an Unleashed listing agent can help you attain?

Figure it out and write it down each morning along with your other goals, journal about it so you get crystal clear on it, talk to me and to your other friends and family about. 

Just make sure you’re crystal clear on why you have to be the best version of yourself.

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