Leading During Chaos - The Agent Unleashed

Leading During Chaos

This week, the NBA suspended the season. Tom Hanks announced he has the virus.  And, hitting a little closer to home, some of our San Francisco schools are closed and all public events, for the most part, are banned.

Some will panic. Most will remain calm. As always, we adapt and move forward.

If you are an Agent Unleashed here’s what you CANNOT do. You cannot peddle fear. You should not take advantage of people who are vulnerable. 

You should also not use this as a time to put down others who are nervous because we don’t know their fears. 

As an Agent Unleashed, it’s your time to step up and lead with integrity. Lead with compassion. Lead with kindness. Lead with heart. Lead with soul.

Instead of being fearful, think about how you can support your clients. How can you offer MORE for LESS?

Come from a place of absolute service. Show people you truly care.

I challenge YOU to do your part to bring people together.

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

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