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Let Santa Sell Your Listings

Just had a great conversation with my clients about whether we should list now before the holidays or whether we should wait till January to put the house on the market.  My answer was a resounding NOW! 

Why not list now I told them?  We did and had our first open house yesterday and had over 40 parties through on our first open house.  It was crazy!

I mean, what with the internet nowadays making it super easy for buyers to search listings, home buying during the holidays has never been easier.

Here are some reasons to list during the holidays.

The obvious reason is there is less competition during the holiday season.  There are fewer listings during the holidays and this can be an ideal time to sell the home to motivated buyers who are still out there looking.  I made one of my biggest sales in my career during Christmas week one year.

I think buyer emotions are on super high during the holidays for the most part.  A tastefully decorated home with some elegant holiday decorations can really suck buyers into what is already a very emotional process of what the house can mean to them for future celebrations.

And from a business standpoint, what better way to start off your New Year with a bang than to make a sale in December that will close in January?  From your standpoint, it would feel really great to have those January sales, wouldn’t it?  So don’t take the entire month of December off, work it so your New Year is awesome!

And lastly, probably goes with mention, that buyers that are looking during the holidays are probably motivated as hell!  Maybe they are non-religious.  Maybe they are desperate to find something. 

There is no better time to take advantage of this time to be working your listings with buyers that really need homes now!  And maybe Santa will bring some Xmas magic to your sellers house this year!

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