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Listen To This For More Listings

Had a great weekend relaxing with friends and going on some epic urban hikes in San Francisco.  This is becoming quite the pastime for us to relax and get exercise and fresh air.  One day we walked about 15,000 steps which, for us, is excellent (my feet started going numb).

One new brain hack I have been using is listening to Mozart during prospecting.  I always loved listening to music but Mozart and similar music is really ramping up my game.

My research has shown that: The so-called “Mozart effect” was made public in 1993: a team of neurobiologist proved that after 10 minutes of listening to Mozart’s Sonata subjects showed an improvement in spatiotemporal reasoning skills and temporary mental enhancement when listening to his composition.  Listening to music, particularly pleasant music such as the one of the Austrian composer, increases the level of dopamine (a neurotransmitter that lifts the mood) in the brain, most likely the factor that improves cognitive performance. The body temperature rises, the conductivity of our skin increases and the internal reward system is activated. It drives us, makes us more creative and motivated to find out more.

I have been doing this last week and it’s really something.

I prospected longer, with more of a goofy-ass grin on my face and seem to be getting better results.

So try it!

Get your Mozart on while dialing for dollars and let me know how it affects you.

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